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RAM-PAC® hydraulic pumps are available in several models.  Each has individual performance characteristics and is designed to meet specific applications.  Selecting the correct pump for your application is easier when you consider the following questions:  

How is the pump powered?  

Power is supplied either manually or by an electric, universal electric, air or gas motor.  

How big a reservoir do I need?  

Usable oil is the oil available to the system once it has been bled and the pump reservoir has been filled to its proper level.  You must consider reservoir size and usable oil capacity to be sure the pump you select has sufficient capacity to extend all of the cylinder(s) in your hydraulic system to full stroke.  

What pump flow is best for my application?  

Pump flow is measured in cubic inches/stroke in manual pumps and cubic inches/minute in power pumps.  The greater the flow, the faster the cylinder will extend.  Some pumps have two-speeds or stages.  In the low-pressure  first stage flow is greater as the plunger approaches the load.  When the cylinder reaches the load, the second or high-pressure stage is automatically engaged for uniform operation  

Which valve is needed?  

Different valves are available in both manual and solenoid control to direct oil to and from your single-acting or double- acting cylinder.  (For details on hydraulic valves, see pages ?)

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